TDA Oral Health Campaign at Mihayo Centre for Marginalized elders, mentally handicapped children & Primary Schools in Morogoro

Centre for Marginalized elders, mentally handicapped children and Primary Schools visited in Morogoro region from 16th to 18th March 2015.

In Morogoro region; a total of 307 people were screened. Screening involved two primary schools (Mkundi and Kingolwira) and two other centers (MEHAYO centre for mentally handicapped children and FUNGAFUNGA for marginalized elders). Those diagnosed with oral diseases were referred to Morogoro regional referral hospital dental clinic for free dental treatment.

About 10% (30/307) were mentally handicapped children, 6.5% (20/307) were marginalized elders, and 83.5% (257/307) were standard four children from the two primary schools.

Common dental conditions encountered during the screening activity were dental caries, periodontal diseases (calculus, plaque), mobility of deciduous teeth due to physiological shedding and malocclusion. Dental caries were predominantly common to all screen groups while periodontal diseases dominate to the mentally handicapped children and marginalized elders. Physiological shedding of deciduous teeth was more commonly among primary school children. Among screened population; 78 people (25.4%) had dental caries, 26 people (8.5%) had periodontal diseases, 9 people (2.9%) had malocclusion and 29 children (10.1%) had tooth mobility due to physiological shedding.

Incentives: Toothpastes and toothbrushes were distributed to only a few children and elders due to the lack of enough funds to purchase more toothpastes and toothbrushes.

Tooth brushes and Toothpastes distribution at Fungafunga Center-Morogoro

Oral health education session with standard four children at Kingolwira Primary School in Morogoro