TDA Oral Health Education to Children at Buhangija Centre in Shinyanga Region from 16th to 18th March 2015.

The centre has 236 children with albinism, 39 children with blindness and 62 children with hearing impairment. Oral health checkups were conducted to all children and staff, oral health education, oral hygiene instructions, emergency dental treatment, distribution of tooth brushes, tooth pastes and t-shirts were provided to the targeted population in the centre. Tooth brushing demonstration was done to all children, care givers and teachers at the centre.

A total of 317 were screened at the centre. Among screened Children and staff at the Buhangija Centre; 119 (37%) had at least one carious tooth, 130 people (41%) had periodontal/ gum diseases/ conditions, 3 children (1%) had dental trauma, 22 children (7%) had different forms malocclusion/ bad teeth arrangement and 46 children (14%) had dental fluorosis.96 (30.3%) of all the children received treatment, either through restoration of the cavities using Glass Ionomer Cement (ART approach), and /or by extraction(s) of the grossly carious teeth, under local anesthesia
De-worming tablets obtained for the children living at the centre.

TDA team that visited the centre managed to solicit for a nurse and a clinical officer to be stationed at the Buhangija centre with an immediate effect from the 19th of March, 2015.