Types of Membership

Membership to the TDA is on voluntary basis and requires a person to be linked or belong to the dental fraternity regardless of being government or privately employed and registered with the Tanzania Medical and Dental Council.

Full member
  1. Any dental practitioner registered with the Tanzania Medical and Dental Council.
  2. Licensed Dental practitioner holding Assistant's Dental Officer's certificates.
  3. Authorised Dental practitioner holding Dental Assistant's, Dental Technician's or Dental Hygienist's certificates.
  4. Authorised Dental Auxiliary having undergone an approved training programme.
  5. Registered medical Practitioner interested in assisting the Dental profession with a view to fostering inter-professional relationship

Associate member
Student undergoing Dental Training Programme

Honorary member
Person approved by the Management Committee who does not fall in the afore said categories (a) and (b).

Life member
This shall be accorded to those who in the opinion of the Management committee deserve that honour, namely retired Dentists, eminent Dental professional and allied health workers.

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