Membership to the TDA is on voluntary basis and requires a person to be linked or belong to the dental fraternity regardless of being government or privately employed and registered with the Tanzania Medical and Dental Council.
The following are the membership types for Tanzania Dental Association;

1. Ordinary Membership

Any practitioner registered to practice dentistry by the relevant regulatory councils in Tanzania shall be eligible for ordinary membership.

2. Associate Membership

Any person who does not hold any medical or dental qualification but has vested interest in the dental profession and following recommendation by the Management Committee and approval by the Annual General Meeting shall be eligible for associate membership.

3. Student Membership

Students studying at any Medical or Dental school of a recognized University or College shall be eligible for student membership.

4. Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be conferred by the Annual General body to individuals who have made outstanding contributions towards promotion of aims, objectives and functions of the Association following recommendation by the Management Committee.

5. Foreign Membership

Shall be accorded to Medical and Dental practitioners who are registered to practice in foreign countries.

6. Life Membership

This shall be accorded to retired Dentists or eminent Dental professionals by the Annual General Meeting who in the opinion of the Management Committee deserve this honor.